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  • Lowell Campus Computers
  • 106 University Ave Lowell, MA 01854
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106 University Ave Lowell, MA 01854

sales: +(978) 454-3444
support: +(978) 454-3444;


" I thought I was about to have a heart attack when my system crashed at work since i run a real estate company, but they helped me get through this and rescued all my clients information, they had to come out and reset my system to all my printers at the office but it didn't take them long...
Stanley Bigda

"When my laptop started running really slow I cleaned out my cache as usual but the problem did not cease. I ran a scan which detected a few issues and quarantined them but still had the same issue. I called Lowell campus computers and they told me to bring my laptop to them...
Gelos Chris

"Life Savers I am a physician who teaches and works in a wide variety of places and just before Christmas my home (and main) computer system essentially collapsed. Though I actually DID back up my information, being without a computer was a disaster. I decided I wanted more personal help than you get at a big box store and I did a non-internet thing--I took my old yellow pagers and looked for which company had been around for a long time (figuring that in this ...
A Google User

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